Technical Reports : Longitudinal Endpoints


Group sequential clinical trials for longitudinal data with analyses using summary statistics.

  1. Summary: Group sequential analysis of longitudinal data in clinical trials, including software implementation.

  2. Ref: Kittelson JM, Sharples KJ, Emerson SS, Statistics in Medicine 24: pages (2005).

Estimates of information growth in longitudinal clinical trials.

  1. Summary: An investigation of nonmonotonic information growth in the analysis of longitudinal outcomes in RCT.

  2. Ref: Shoben AB, Emerson SS.

Information growth in longitudinal clinical trials

  1. Summary: AB Shoben Dissertation: An investigation of the application of group sequential methods in longitudinal clinical trials, with a particular focus on information growth.

  2. Ref: Shoben AB, University of Washington Department of Biostatistics (2010)

Analysis of longitudinal laboratory data in the presence of common selection mechanisms: A view toward greater emphasis on pre-marketing pharmaceutical safety.

  1. Summary: A discussion of approaches for effectively utilizing longitudinal laboratory data from early phase clinical trials to better understand the safety profile of new experimental therapies.

  2. Ref: Schildcrout JS, Jenkins CA, Ostroff JH, Gillen DL, Harrell FE, Trost DC, Statistics in Medicine 30: 2248-2266 (2008).