Technical Reports : Bayesian Inference


A comparison of parametric and coarsened Bayesian interval estimation in the presence of a known mean-variance relationship.

  1. Summary: A discussion of distribution-free Bayesian inference in such a way as to accomodate a mean-variance relationship.

  2. Ref: Koprowicz K, Emerson SS, Hoff P, (BEPress) (2005).

Bayesian evaluation of group sequential clinical trial designs.

  1. Summary: A tutorial on the various Bayesian operating characteristics of interest when choosing a group sequential stopping rule.

  2. Ref: Emerson SS, Kittelson JM, Gillen DL, Statistics in Medicine 26: 1421-1449 (2007).

Evaluation of Strategies for the Phase II to Phase III Progression in Treatment Discovery

  1. Summary:  Brittany J. Sanchez Thesis: An investigation of the importance of well-planned progression from Phase II to Phase III RCT in order to ensure a sufficiently low false positive rate of adopting ineffective treatments (a low type 1 error), a sufficiently high probability of adopting truly effective treatments (a high statistical power), and a sufficiently high probability that adopted treatments will be truly effective (a high positive predictive value). Also investigated in the bias associated with early termination of group sequential RCT.

  2. Ref: Sanchez BJ (2014)