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  1.     Instructions for installing RCTdesign are provided below.  Currently, RCTdesign is built to run on the 64-bit version of R 3.2.  In addition there are links to the S+SeqTrial User’s Guide and S+SeqTrial Technical Overview.  RCTdesign is adapted from S+SeqTrial and is fully backward compatible with S+SeqTrial. As such, the User’s Guide and Technical Reference are fully compatible with RCTdesign.  The one exception is with respect to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is referenced in the User’s Guide, as a GUI is not yet fully implemented in RCTdesign.

  1. Installation Instructions

  2. RCTdesign is currently built to run on the 64-bit version of R 3.2.  Versions are available for Windows or MacOS.  Please specify whether you want both versions or which single version you desire.

  3. After returning the signed license agreement you will receive an email from that will contain a .tgz (Mac) or .zip (Windows) file containing RCTdesign binary.  Save the file (still zipped) on your machine. 

  4. Within R, type:

        > install.packages( "filepath/RCTdesign-Zipped-Binary", repos=NULL )

  1. where filepath indicates the directory that you saved the RCTdesign binary in and RCTdesign-Zipped-Binary is the name of the zipped file that was sent to you. 

  2. Alternatively, Windows users can use the “Packages” menu, choosing the “Install package(s) from local zip files...” option to then browse for the saved .zip file. Similarly, Macintosh users can select “Package Installer” on the “Packages & Data” menu and then choose “Local Binary Package” (instead of “CRAN”) and browse for the .tgz file. When using the menus, the package will be installed after you select the file-- no message is necessarily displayed.

  3. In many cases, after installing RCTdesign you will need to quit R, then restart before loading R with the command library(RCTdesign).

  4. Note that many functions in RCTdesign are dependent upon the survival package and the lattice package for R.  In order to run RCTdesign properly you should download both of these functions from CRAN then install and load them.