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RCTdesign is freely available to users through a joint agreement between Tibco, Inc. (the owners of the S-Plus software system and the S-Plus code in the module S+SeqTrial) and Scott S. Emerson (the developer of the C code that serves as the engine for S+SeqTrial). Individual users will need to download and sign the license agreement . The signed agreement can then be scanned and returned via email to license@RCTdesign.org, whereupon directions for obtaining the package will be sent by return email. When emailing the signed license agreement, please specify if you would like RCTdesign for Mac, Windows, or both (RCTdesign is not currently available for UNIX).

Obtaining RCTdesign

Documentation, Tutorials, and Validation

Also on these Software webpages you can find:

  1. Documentation (including installation notes) and technical references for RCTdesign

  2. Tutorials that may be helpful for learning to use RCTdesign for the evaluation, implementation and reporting of group sequential trials

  3. Software extensions to RCTdesign that implement such additional methods as Bayesian evaluation, adaptive designs, etc.

  4. Notes on the methods used for validation of the software (also includes the R functions used in that validation)

RCTdesign is a freely licensed R package that provides a comprehensive suite of functions for evaluating, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting group sequential and adaptive clinical trial designs. RCTdesign builds on the S-Plus module S+SeqTrial and is fully backwards compatible. Notable new features include:

  1. Enhanced choices for determination of sample size in time to event analyses

  2. Simulated operating characteristics to explore robustness to model misspecification

  3. Exact inference for single arm RCT with binary endpoints

  4. Nonbinding futility rules

  5. Evaluation of response adaptive modification of maximal sample size

What is RCTdesign?