Software Tutorials : Boundary Scales


Overview: Boundary scales in RCTdesign

  1. Summary:  A description of the various scales that can be used to display stopping boundaries in RCTdesign. Choices include the scale of testimated treatment effect, the Z statistic, the fixed sample P value, the error spending function, conditional power, Bayesian predictive power, and Bayesian posterior probabilities. 



Software Tutorial Topics:

  1. Getting Started

  2. Probability models

  3. Specifying Hypotheses

  4. Nonbinding Futility

  5. Computing Sample Size

  6. Time to Event Accrual

  7. Sequential Sampling

  8. Boundary Scales

  9. Stochastic Curtailment

  10. Unified Family

  11. Error Spending

  12. Constrained Boundaries

  13. Operating Characteristics

  14. Simulating RCTs

  15. Adaptive methods

  16. Inference

  17. Bayesian Evaluation

  18. Monitoring RCT

  19. Adaptive Designs

  20. Advanced Topics