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Introduction to the Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Group Sequential Clinical Trials

Daniel L. Gillen, PhD and John M. Kittelson, PhD

June, 2014

Abstract: In this module we provide an introduction to methodology for the design and evaluation of adaptive group sequential trials. The module will present and illustrate methods for adaptive trial design that maintain pre-specified trial operating characteristics. Methodology will be presented using case studies and examples of clinical trials with continuous, binary, and survival endpoints. The sequential methods will be illustrated using RCTdesign, an R module for the design, monitoring, and analysis of clinical trials. Emphasis will be placed on both the scientific and statistical impact of group sequential trial design.

Course Handouts (pdf):

Learning Material:

  1. Short Courses

  2. Research Talks

  3. Case Studies

R Code to Produce the Results in Each Handout:

  1. Session 2 In-class Exercises                  (R code Solutions)

  2. Session 2 Take-home Exercises             (R code) (Solutions)

  1. Session 3 In-class Exercises                   (R code Solutions)

  2. Session 3 Take-home Exercises              (R code Solutions)

  1. Session 4 Exercises                               (R code Solutions)

Course Exercises and R Code Solutions: